Let It Rain!

The North Vancouver Community Arts Council presents:Let It Rain! logo

Let It Rain!
a Community Public Art project

The North Vancouver Community Arts Council is excited to announce a new community public art initiative called Let It Rain!, coming to the rain-soaked streets of North Vancouver.

This rain-activated art will be short, uplifting phrases placed across North Vancouver. Words will appear when the ground gets wet – surprises to look forward to on a rainy day!

Submissions of short phrases for a Let It Rain! is now closed. Winning writers will be posted here in the next few weeks.

Let It bRAINstorm! Workshops were held in November 2015, with members of the North Shore Writers' Association helping participants get the creative juices flowing with some rain and transit-inspired prompts. 

A winning submission is: short, clear and concise; inspiring, uplifting or funny;  a lighthearted consideration of serious issues in our community (transit and transportation) and conditions beyond our control (rainy, winter weather)

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In partnership with the North Shore Writers' Association.
Made possible through funding from the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver.

Let It Rain! is inspired by the public art that Peregrine Church has been creating in Seattle, Washington. To see examples of his work, visit http://rain.works/.